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Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology is an English journal published by the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology (formerly the Japanese Society of Ethnology). JRCA was launched in 1998 as an independent occasional publication, with the aim of introducing anthropological research in Japan to our international colleagues in the form of review articles. Since 2001, the Society has changed the status of JRCA to that of a supplementary volume to Bunkajinruigaku (Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology), the official quarterly journal of the Society published in Japanese. While retaining its original purpose, JRCA has accepted research articles for publication since vol. 3, 2002.

JRCA is published semi-annually. Members of the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology are encouraged to submit articles for publication. For details, please consult Notes to Contributors, Instructions to Contributors and Review Procedures.

Editorial Board
SASAKI Shigehiro [Editor in Chief] (Nagoya University), AZUMA Kentaro (Nagoya University), Tom GILL (Meiji Gakuin University), HARA Tomoaki (Waseda University), ISHII Miho (Kyoto University), KNECHT Peter (Nanzan University), MOHACSI Gergely (Osaka University), NAKATANI Ayami (Okayama University), NAKAZORA Moe (Hiroshima University), Donald WOOD (Akita University), YOSHIDA Sayuri (Nanzan University)

Notes to Contributors

February 18, 2020
JRCA@Editorial Committee

Starting this year, the Japanese Society for Cultural Anthropology is publishing the English journal Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology (JRCA) semi-annually. The editorial committee solicits submissions of articles, research notes and book reviews. We look forward to your submission.

  1. We accept submissions from JASCA members only, unless particularly permitted by JRCA Editorial Committee. However, in the case of special issues, articles authored by non-members can be accepted\but only up to one-third of the total number of papers in the issue\as long as the organizer is a member.

  2. For detailed instructions for preparing manuscripts, please see below.

  3. Regarding articles and research notes, please follow the schedule below. (For book reviews, submission applications are not necessary, but please take note of the publication schedule below.)

    • Volume 20 No.1 (due to be published in October 2019) deadline: March 31st, 2019. (please submit submission applications by February 28th)

    • Volume 20 No.2 (due to be published in March 2020) deadline: July 31st, 2019. (please submit submission applications by June 30th)

    • Volume 21 No.1 (due to be published in October 2020) deadline: February 28th, 2020. (please submit submission applications by January 31st)

    • Volume 21 No.2 (due to be published in March 2021) deadline: July 31st, 2020. (please submit submission applications by June 30th)

  4. In the case of special issues, please keep in mind the above manuscript submission schedule. We will consult with authors and organizers regarding the schedule and the volume for publication.

  5. All authors intending to submit for publication must send in the submission application form (e[) at least one month before the deadline. The application must include the title (tentative), and special theme issue or section organizers must indicate the purpose of the theme, and the author(s) and title (tentative) of each article.

  6. JRCA is a peer-reviewed journal. Please refer to Review Procedures for the criteria and details of the review process.

  7. For all correspondences and submissions, please use the following address: jrcaeditor[at]jasca.org (replace [at] with @)

Instructions to Contributors

The editors of Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology (JRCA ) welcome the submission of articles for publication from members of the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology.

  1. Manuscripts submitted to the journal should not be simultaneously under consideration for publication elsewhere.

  2. Submitted articles should be categorized into Articles or Research Notes. Book Reviews can be anything from simple introductory reviews to more elaborate critiques of recently published books.

  3. Articles should not exceed 12,000 words in length. Research Notes should not exceed 8,000 words in length. Book Reviews should be around 2,000 words. [applicable from Vol. 18(2)]

  4. Take note of the following in preparing manuscripts for special issues.

    1. The organizer must prepare an introduction which explains the purpose of the special issue. Make sure that all included articles follow the JRCA guidelines, and submit the entire set.

    2. In the case of special issues, the length of each article should not exceed 10,000 words. [applicable from Vol. 18(2)]

    3. In principle, the number of articles in one special issue should not exceed five (excluding the introduction). If otherwise, please consult with the editorial committee beforehand.

    4. All articles in special issues will also be put through the review process, which means that even if the special issue itself is accepted, some articles submitted for the issue might not be accepted.

  5. Manuscripts (articles, research notes, book reviews and special issue articles) should be typed double-space throughout, in A4 format with wide margins (at least 2.5 cm) at the sides as well as at the top and bottom of the page.

  6. The cover page of the manuscript should include the title, full name(s) of author(s), affiliation(s), a short running title, and the complete address of the person to whom the proofs are to be sent. This applies to all types of manuscripts submitted. In addition, for book reviews, include the following information: title, author, publisher, year and place of publication, and number of pages.

  7. The second page of articles, research notes and special issue articles should include an abstract, not exceeding 150 words, and key words (fewer than ten).

  8. Reference citations in the text should include author(s), followed by the publication year, and then page numbers. An alphabetical list of references should be appended to the manuscript. Journal references should give author surname followed by initials (mentioning all co-authors), publication year, title of article, title of journal (in full), volume number, and the first and last page numbers. Book references should give author(s), year, book title or article title followed by editor(s) and book title (with page numbers if necessary), place of publication and name of publisher.

  9. Each table must have a brief explanatory heading and should be typed on a separate page.

  10. Figures should be suitable for reproduction. Each figure should be typed on a separate page. The approximate location of each table or figure in the text should be indicated in the manuscript.

  11. The editorial board reserves the right to charge authors for extra costs such as for drawing figures, English editing, etc., if necessary.

  12. The cover page, abstract and key words, text, notes, and references should be placed in one file; tables and figures should be together in a separate file.

  13. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, (1) via the submission website, or (2) in the form of electronic files sent to jrcaeditor[at]jasca.org (3) If neither option is possible, please consult with the editor. The digital file(s) of the manuscript should be in one of the following formats: any recent version of Microsoft Word (*.doc or *.docx), or Rich Text Format (*.rtf). If the manuscript contains letters, marks, figures, tables, etc. that are not precisely represented in the digital file(s), a hard copy of the manuscript should be submitted by mail to the address below, in addition to the digital file(s).

  14. The copyright for all articles, research notes and reviews published in the Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology (JRCA) belongs to the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology. Each primary author is required to submit a signed "Transfer of Copyright Agreement" form before publication. Rights retained by the author(s) after submitting the "Agreement" are stipulated in the Rules for Reprint and Digitalization of Articles Published in the Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology (including the Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology).
The online submission website for JRCA is at:
The "submission form" is here: ie[j

Manuscripts may also be sent to the Editor-in-chief as e-mail attachments, addressed to:

(Please replace [at] with @)

Communications concerning editorial matters should be sent to the same e-mail address. It is requested that all e-mails to the Editor have "JRCA" at the beginning of the subject line.

Communications may otherwise be posted at:

The Editor, Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology
Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
2-1-1-813 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073, Japan

Revised: March 27, 2007
Revised: December 23, 2007
Revised: July 2016

JRCA instructions for authors

Please follow the instructions when preparing manuscripts.

The file below was constructed using the JRCA template. Please download this and use it for preparing manuscripts according to the instructions indicated in the file.

JRCA instructions for preparing manuscripts download
MsWord|Xp 2003

Review Procedures for Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology

Article 1: In order to maintain recognized international academic standards for its contents, the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology establishes the following review procedures for its academic journal, Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology. The editorial board of the journal is responsible for their application.

Article2: For an article, the editorial board will obtain reviews from at least two parties who are academically qualified as peers.

(Referees' anonymity)
Article 3: The referees should be anonymous.

(Review contents)
Article 4: The referee will be given the following checklist for the review :

  1. Content
    1. Is the theme of this article appropriate to the field of ethnological/cultural anthropological studies?
    2. Is the article an original contribution to the field of ethnological/cultural anthropological studies?
    3. Is the article adequately researched?
    4. Is there adequate use of materials and evidence?
    5. Is the conclusion persuasive?
    6. Are the explanations logical and complete?
    7. Is the article complete in all respects?
  2. Quality of writing
    1. Is the title appropriate?
    2. Is the writing clear and intelligible?
  3. Structure
    1. Is the overall structure of sections and subsections appropriate?
  4. Figures and tables
    1. Are there adequate figures and tables?
    2. Do the figures and tables contribute substantively to the article?
    3. Are the captions of figures and tables properly given?
  5. References
    1. Are the references adequate and properly cited?
  6. Abstract
    1. Is the abstract appropriate to the article?

Article 5: The reviewer will be asked to rate the article according to the following criteria.

  1. The article is ready for publication.
    A1. The article is ready for publication.
    A2. The article is ready for publication after minor revisions.
  2. The article needs to be revised and to be reviewed again.
    B1. Some points in the article needs to be revised.
    B2. The article needs substantial revision.
  3. The article should be rejected.
    C1. The article is not original.
    C2. The article is below international academic standards.
    C3. The article is incomplete in some respects.
  4. The referee is not able to evaluate the article.
    D1. The article needs to be reviewed by the specialists in other fields of study.

Article 6: The referee will be asked to write an overall assessment in reference to the checklist.

Article 7: The editor shall inform the author of the referees' reports.

(From review to publication)
Article 8: The editorial board shall make the final decision on the publication of the articles based on the referees' reports.

(Amendments to these procedures)
Article 9: These procedures may be amended by the board of the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology.

Date of implementation
These procedures shall be effective from February 8, 2009.

How to Subscribe to JRCA

Members of the Society receive a copy of every issue free of extra charge in 2001 and after. Back issues can be purchased. For orders please contact the Society's secretariat (e-mail: hoya#jasca.org. Please replace # by @ when you send a mail) (Phone: +81-3-5232-0922).

Non-members of the Society may order the Journal from:

TOKYO 100-3131, JAPAN
phone: 81-3-3273-3234
fax: +81-3-3278-9256

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