From: Virginia R. Dominguez, President, American Anthropological Association
Date: 12 March 2011

I am truly distressed, as you no doubt also are, by the devastation in Japan and the continued terrible nuclear disaster potential there.

I want to send condolences and the warmest regards of concern and collegiality to the Japanese association, all of its members, their families, students, and friends.

I hope that the horrors of the past 1-1.5 days will never repeat themselves again.

From: Thomas Reuter, Chair, World Council of Anthropological Associations
Date: 13 Mar 2011

On behalf of the WCAA, and all its members, I would like to join Virginia in expressing our sympathy for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and all those affected by it.

Our concern extends especially to our colleagues in JASCA. We hope you are all safe and sound.

From: Ajit K Danda, Indian Anthropological Society
Date: 13 March 2011

The Council of the Indian Anthropological Society expresses its sympathy for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

From: Graeme MacRae, Association of Social Anthropologists of New Zealand/Aoteroa
Date: 13 March 2011

And ASAANZ, still reeling from our own disaster in Christshurch (which suddenly doesnt look quite so big), nevertheless have some idea of how you are feeling. Your search and rescue team have gone home and some of ours have followed them to Japan.

Our thoughts are with you and we wish you well.

From: Kockel Ullrich, President, International Society for Ethnology and Folklore
Date: 14 March 2011

On behalf of the members of SIEF, the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore, I express our deep sympathy for the victims of the recent disasters. Our thoughts are with those already affected, and now threatened by nuclear fall-out, which we hope can be averted!

From: Vesna VUCINIC-NESKOVIC, International Association of Southeast European Anthropologists
Date: 15 March 2011

Here in Serbia and all of Southeastern Europe, we have been very much concerned about what has happened in Japan.

It is good to hear that our friends and colleagues are fine. Hopefully it will not take too much time to bring things to normal.

From: Chandana Mathur, Anthropological Association of Ireland
Date: 19 March 2011

On behalf of my colleagues in Ireland, I am writing to say that our thoughts are with you in these difficult and frightening times.

From: Laura Raquel Valladares de la Cruz, President, CEAS Mexico
Date: 19 March 2011

From Mexico we send a fraternal embrace and our solidarity with the tragedy they are living and do hope that the reconstruction of their great country and the safety of each and every Japanese can be done in the shortest possible time.